Wednesday, 27 February 2013


Jenny had done too much glue, she did too much glue when she was very young. Jenny probably shouldn't have done so much glue, because Jenny lost her mind.

No! Jenny didn't go crazy, Jenny just lost her mind, she lost the ability to learn, read and write.

She did too much glue when she was fifteen and sixteen years old. She did too much glue because her mom hit her. Her mom hit her because, before Jenny did too much glue, Jenny was an asshole.

Jenny is still an asshole. 

Jenny likes to go for walks now, and Jenny likes to scare people. Jenny isn't very smart, but she does remember why she isn't very smart anymore. Remembering why she isn't very smart anymore makes her very angry and mean. She's remembering that nobody made her do the glue That is was her choice. And the glue made her stupid.

So Jenny walks the streets, up and down, scaring people because she's mean, and those that don't know her take pity on her and put up with it. Those that do know her take pity on her but they don't put up with her. They tell Jenny to leave them alone, and then she does.

There's no real point to Jenny anymore, maybe there never was. Jenny doesn't really like life that much, but she is either too afraid or too stupid to leave it. But some mornings, her mom makes her pancakes( her mom doesn't beat her anymore, mission accomplished), and she likes the pancakes. By her kitchen window on sunny mornings she can feel the sun on her face, and she's not so angry.

It should be sunny more often. Her mom should make her pancakes everyday. But she doesn't.

Jenny wants to be the neighborhood mascot, she wants everyone to love her and give her things, and she wants to bring smiles to the faces of everyone in the neighborhood.

Jenny can't because she's afraid.

Jenny is just like the rest of us.