Sunday, 10 March 2013

The Red Lion

The sword came swinging down upon him, and he threw his shield up, the wood of it crashed and splintered against the blow. He shield was now useless, but it had served him well. As he got up, he caught a glance of his opponents eyes through his own heavy helmet. They were laughing.

Panting, he needed a couple of seconds, just to regain some strength. His opponent in bright red armor with a lion on the chest was huge. At least six feet and three inches tall, a giant compared to his own five foot nine stature. The Red Lion's armor was thicker, making it all the harder to penetrate, not that it slowed down the giants speed. He was no match for this Lion.

The Red Lion seemed to know that he required the time to gain his composure, and allowed it. The Lion's confidence must have been huge. His would have been too, the roles reversed, this Lion still had  a shield. And was not gasping for breath.

The Gigantic Red Lion charged him, running towards him at full pace and slammed in to him with his shield. He saw the Lion coming at him and quickly dug his own sword into the ground behind him and knelt down holding his own sword for support just before the moment of impact. The Giant went flying over top him, dropping is shield and his sword.

He had enough time for a killing blow as the Red Lion lay on the ground, but this was about more than that now. He walked over to the Lion's shield and picked it up. Now he had a shield.

This time when the Red Lion got up and looked through his own helmet to see his eyes. It was the Lion that saw laughter.