Tuesday, 26 March 2013

A House on a Hill.

"Let's sneak into that house over there!" She said.

"No!" He said

"Shhh, you don't want to wake people up." She said.

"We should just go home and hang out." He said.

"If we sneak into the house, I'll let you touch my boobs." She said.

"Okay." He said.

So the two kids ran up in the middle of the night, towards the house that no one lived in.

The house wasn't old, and it wasn't new. It was just a basic house on the top of a hill. And while no one lived in it, that wasn't exactly uncommon in the neighborhood. The only thing that was odd about this house was that it was at the top of a hill, all by itself. It was a strange thing for someone to build a house on the top a hill all alone in their town. And then disappear (as far as the kids knew) within a year.

Naturally, it was assumed the thing was haunted. And that the guy that built it had sacrificed his family to the devil. And the boy running up the hill assumed that the guy, after killing his family, went off to another town, to start another life, and build another house, on top of a hill just like this one.

He really didn't want to go up the hill. But he really wanted to touch and kiss the girl.

So he kept running up the hill with her.

She was running slower than she normally would, because the boy was a little chubby and out of shape. But she liked his heart. There are people like that in this world. People that are daring, bold, kind and courageous. Curious to try everything, never fooled by the flash of society. Constantly in awe of the spirit of the world. That was this girl.

She wanted to see if the house was haunted. Because it would add to the magic of her perception of the world. She was beginning to realize that as time went on, and the closer she came to becoming an adult. The more that the magic of her life was getting sucked out of her.

The boy wanted magic too, but to her, the boy was magic. He was smart, but simple. Always had a smile on his face, as if breathing in air was special enough for him. A simple, pure love of life and the world around him. Innocent, more innocent than her. He didn't understand how she knew the things that she knew.

She knew them, because she didn't have innocent blinders with what she saw. She was mature. And it was because of her maturity, that she needed to see magic in the world.

They finally got to the top of the hill. The boy was panting, and becoming self conscious of his sweating. Luckily his older brother had told him to take tissues in his pocket. He discretely wiped his hands and face off with the tissue. If she noticed, she didn't let him know.

They held hands. And they walked up to the front door. Now that they were level with the house, they could see that the front door of the house, in the moonlight, looked deep purple. And the door handle was gold. It looked like a special door. Which put it especially out of place, since the rest siding of the house was the generic grey paneling. Like every other house in town.

The girl grabbed the handle. And turned it. It wasn't locked.

The door didn't creak. It didn't squeak. It didn't anything. That made it worse for the boy. The door was supposed to make a creepy noise. The fact that it didn't made him feel even worse. He squeezed the girls hand.

She looked at him. He looked at her. They walked into the house, together, hand in hand.

There was nothing in the front living room of the house. Just a bare hardwood flooring. Not very dusty. No furniture. Nothing creepy other than the blue moonlight shining in through the window.

"Upstairs or downstairs?" She said.

"Upstairs" He said.


The reasons for his choice were two: Possibility of a bed upstairs was greater, and when did anything good ever happen in an abandoned basement?

They found the stairs that led to the second floor. There was a hallway with four doors. Two on the right, two on the left. As they got to the top. The door on the far left, creaked open. Slowly.

"You want to go in to that room, don't you?" He said.

"Yes." She said.

"Why?" He said.

"I guess I need to." She said.

"Okay." He said.

His hands were sweating and so were hers, it was uncomfortable, but neither were about to let go. As each step they took. The door seemed to creak a little more loudly, and a little faster.

There was a bed in the room. Must have been white, but it was glowing with a blue aura around it. Must have been from the moonlight.

She took him slowly to the bed.

"We can do it here." She said.

"Okay" He said.

They kissed, and it was awkward. And wonderful. As he got more used to the idea, he loosened up. They started to enjoy themselves. They laid down on the bed together.

She let him slowly take off her top, and she took off his shirt. They were kissing and giggling. Never saying a word. He thought he heard something. But it didn't matter. This was bliss.

There was something wrong about this room though. He couldn't quite place it. That's when she started coughing. As if something were trying to spurt from her mouth.

The door slammed shut, and he couldn't move off the bed. She wouldn't stop coughing. And that's when he noticed.

There was no window in the room.