Wednesday, 20 March 2013

The Lady.

It wasn't that she was beautiful, though she was. It wasn't that she was smart, though she was. It wasn't that she had charm, though she did. It was that at the end of the day, she was evil. And she had three tools that made it easy to be evil with.

Beauty, Intelligence and Charm.

She was so beautiful, it was not the first thing that you noticed about her. She was so smart, you never actually found out that she was. And she was so charming, you didn't know you would do anything for her, until you had done it.

She could walk in to a room and get anyone to do anything after five minutes of talking. Let me be clear, she did not use her sexuality. In fact, there was something asexual about her whole approach. As if she was giving off some pheromone that made one a complete slave to her will. She made one feel satisfied in receiving nothing in return. The last thought anyone would have about her, would be her sexuality. The only thought on ones mind around her, would be how to satisfy her. And it was on seldom occasions her satisfaction involved sex.

She received the adoration from all those around her, save no exception. If there is an exception to every rule, the saying only proves that she was, in fact, beyond rules.

With her immense power over others, she never used them for good. She would convince men and women to commit suicide after slowly taking away everything that made their individual lives worth living. Only about twenty or so lives really, after twenty she got bored of it.

She would convince people to rob banks, or get into fights or destroy marriages and careers. No one fully knew why they were doing these  horrible things. It would be as if a ghost had whisked through the world, and made it a little worse. Or a lot worse. Depending on the day..

After a lifetime of mischief, she died. Thousands gathered to her funeral. All of them weeping, feeling a great loss in their lives. She was adored by all, from every corner of the earth.

It is safe to say. No one really knew her.