Sunday, 17 March 2013


It can be difficult to distinguish good from bad. Too often are we exposed to rhetoric and moral upbringing that tells us that there are good people and that there are bad people. When, in fact, it's more often situational and reliant on many more variables than the moral character of one single individual. Not to mention that's assuming that a human being's moral character is a constant. It's not constant. Trust me.

So, when, for example, I was asked by a friend to drive a car to an unknown location, not look in any compartments, and walk away. I knew something was up. If you were to ask me now, how could I have not known what was going on was bad? You could chalk it up to these specific answers.

I have never known my friend to engage in such behavior.
I am naive one the best of days, and this was a bad day.
A part of me knew something was up but figured 'fuck it'.

Let me state, for the record, that in most things. I don't mind people other than me getting fucked over. No, don't think for a moment that you're any different. You, for the most part, don't care if somebody else had their identity stolen, or car stolen, or dog kidnapped. You only care if it happens to yourself. You especially don't care if a drug dealer got ripped off a couple hundred thousand. You even like it if it's been done by a person just like you.

My friend and I, we're just like you.

Let me just say, for the record. I feel bad about the cat. I don't really care about anything else. But had I known that there was not just a drug lord, but a cat in the trunk. I would have opened the trunk and got the cat out.... and the guy.

By the time the car exploded though, I was half way home, and there was nothing I could do about the cat.

There's nothing I can do now, a guy and a cat our dead. I had a hand in it, more like a finger and a thumb. All I can say is. the next time my friend asks me to drive a car to an specific unnamed location, and walk home. I'll check the fucking car for cats...and people.