Thursday, 14 March 2013

Lazy Steph

She never put her shoes on correctly. She was lazy, she was so lazy that she never put her shoes on correctly. Some people don't put their shoes on correctly because they are in a rush, or maybe, like some children, they don't know how. This was not the case with Stephanie. Stephanie was lazy. So she would always have the tongue of her sneakers bunched up against her toes.

Even when she got to a place where she would be sitting for long periods, and the tongue of each shoe was still jamming her toes so much it hurt. She would not fix them. She didn't fix them, not because she was lazy(though she was) but because she liked the pain it gave her toes.

It made her walk funny, but she always wore pants that covered up the fact that she had her shoes on wrong. So people thought that maybe she was subtly bow-legged or something along those lines. She wasn't. She was fine.

Stephanie was married, but her husband never noticed that she walked funny. He always had his head up in the clouds, and she loved that about him. Admittedly, she would have liked it if he had noticed, but it wasn't essential to their happiness. His head up in the clouds was essential to their happiness. Because he also never noticed how lazy she was.

Stephanie would convince her husband that it was always his turn to do things, like cook, or clean, or do the dishes. And it always worked, because he had his head up in the clouds. The occasional time that he didn't have his head up in the clouds, he did it anyways, because he loved her and didn't care that she was lazy. Stephanie never knew that he knew she was lazy, so she never asked for help.

It was more important to Stephanie that she get away with being lazy, than to fix the problem she had with her shoes.