Saturday, 16 March 2013

Short, Little. Short, BIg.

He was a short, little man. It's important to say both because, there are short men, that you wouldn't call little. And there are little men, that you wouldn't call short. He was both.

He didn't have short man's complex, he was too little for that. He was so little that he could be compared to a weasel. He'd weasel his way in and out of everything he could get his hands on. From friendships, to jobs, to women.

He was the kind of short, little man that was so good at being short and little that it took most people a long time to figure out what a short, little man he was. This was because he needed everyone that came in to his life to like him, and hopefully love him. So he could get things from them. It's always easier to get things from people when they love you.

So most people thought he was amazing. Most people loved him. But not all. There was a woman, a woman that saw right through him, that was friends with a woman that he was trying to sleep with. Every time she saw him she would say things like:

"I could break you like a toothpick, fuck off." or
"You're like a Jack Russel Terrier, but less useful" or
"I hate you, stop trying to fuck me and my friend. You're clearly a waste of time"

He couldn't stand her, but mostly he couldn't stand the fact that she hated him. How could she hate him? He was so charming, he knew he had a way with people! How could she see through that? So one night at a party they were both at. He asked:

"Why don't you like me?"
"I told you why the moment that I first met you. You're a worm of a human being"
"I'm not, I'm a good guy, everybody loves me."
"You don't love yourself, because you know that you're a joke."

She was a short, big woman. It's important to say both, because she was short in height, and big in the sense that she was powerful, a force to be in awe of.

She was someone who carried power everywhere she went, with few friends, all of which were true and loyal. She was someone that people wanted to be a part of something with. She had a power that mystified most people around her. The power came from inside herself. And she used it to see through little people; short and tall.

As months went by, he noticed that he couldn't stand his own thoughts as much, and that people weren't taking to him as much as they used to. He wasn't invited out as much as he used to be. Something was changing in his circle of friends. And he knew who to blame; it was all her fault. She had turned his world against him.

He found out where she lived and came to her apartment building and waited across the street until she came out to go to work. He ran up behind her with a knife in his hand. In a flash of light he was down on convulsing and in a blinding amount of pain. She had turned around and tasered him.

"Wow, now you really do look like a worm."