Sunday, 3 March 2013

Billy's conundrum

Billy was angry all the time, and he didn't know why. He would often tell his closest friends in confidence, "I'm angry all the time, and I don't know why." And Billy's friends were not very good friends, so they would say things like. "Well, what makes you so angry." And Billy wouldn't know the answer. So his not so good friends would push him and push him to talk about it. Because they weren't so focused on making Billy's anger go away. They liked that he was angry, it was interesting and fun to have such an angry friend.

 "Well, I like it when people are stupid, and then I get angry."

"What makes you angry about people being stupid?" They would say in response.

"Well, I feel like I'm better than them. And then I get angry because I know I shouldn't feel better than other people."

"That's really simple" His friends would say.

"I get angry because of that too" Billy would say.

"Because of what?"

"I don't know the difference"

"Between what?"

"Simple and stupid."

"Oh" His friends would say. They didn't know either.

:Later on in life, when Billy was still confused and angry about things. He would say the same thing to a friend that did care about him and helping Billy stop being so angry, his friend would say this:

"A square is simple; stupid is calling it a circle."

It made Billy feel better.