Monday, 4 March 2013

The Dangers of Being Alone on a Beautiful Day.

An amazingly beautiful day outside, bright white clouds, few and far between, looking like puzzle pieces longing to be put together across the sky. Sun beaming so bright and strong, felt like the whole world outside was room temperature. A great morning to go outside and sit on a bench with a cup of coffee, and read the paper. And that's exactly what Derek was doing.

An explosion was heard off in the distance, and it wasn't quite as disturbing as it should have been. Life was like that sometimes, when you get used to something disturbing, it doesn't disturb. Derek simply got up and walked further down the park to a different bench. Away from the explosion and the noise.

Somebody was very clearly upset, he thought, or they would not have gone to so much trouble to make all of those other people upset. Derek wondered what they could be so upset about on a beautiful day. He then wondered if they waited for such a beautiful day like today to set off their explosion, or if it was good luck for them, not just to upset so many people, but to ruin such a great day for so many people as well.

It must take a lot of time, Derek presumed, to plan such a thing. More than just a day to, on whimsy, blow something up. So it was probably good luck for them it was such a nice day. His day wasn't ruined, oh no, he thought, you've just given me some ample food for thought. I am not upset, nor am I angry, he thought to himself, not about anything you are anyways.

Am I upset about anything enough to blow anything up? Lost in himself again, I don't know. I don't like taxes, or giant corperations, or corruption. As bad as all of those things are, I think I have grown to dislike people that blow things up when they are upset even more.

Except for cellphones, he though, I really hate cellphones, I would blow things up if it led to getting rid of cellphones. People laugh at me when I say I hate them too, so I couldn't go through the government to get rid of them could I? But  I would blow up every cell tower in the goddamn world if I could.

And that's how Derek became a terrorist.