Tuesday, 5 March 2013


He was thinking about the hot coffee he was pouring down his throat. He heard a scream and wondered if it was the all of the molecules being drained down his throat letting out their last call for mercy, like bison off a cliff. Then he wondered if it was him screaming, can you scream while you'll drinking something? Do you need to make a sound to scream? You do, you need to make a sound to scream. And molecules aren't alive, right?

So he was screaming, was he? Or did that come from someone else. He looked around and saw things that looked similar to himself when he looked at a reflection. He figured out that they were people. They were staring at him. He figured he should ask one of them.

"Did you hear someone screaming?"

"Yes, you were, just now, you were screaming. Are..you okay?" This one was wearing a dress. Woman. Until other information contradicts.

"I'm fine. Are you sue it was me? It could have been my coffee? No that's craz-" And he heard more screaming, so he looked down at his coffee cup. It was empty.

"So it's not the coffee. Then who's screaming."

"Sir" One of the ones that looked like him. Man. "Sir, are you okay? You are acting strange, do you know where you are."

"Ha! Trick question. That's like asking if...Why are you wearing that?" He pointed to a curious stripe design that went from the man's belt to his neck. "You look ridiculous! Aren't you afraid of being judged?

"Sir, do not mock my uniform, it's just a tie"

"Were we racing?"

"No. What I'm wearing is a tie."

"Between what?"

"This thing on my neck is called tie!"

"I wouldn't be caught dead wearing that, not even if my mom made me."

That's when the man in the tie punched him. And threw him out of the McDonald's. While being thrown out, he knew that it was he, himself, that was screaming.