Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Man on the corner.

The cool wind was blowing harshly down the street, forcing a collection of garbage to twist into it's own kind of tornado. Random spittle would come in a wave and slap anyone walking in the face. Umbrellas were useless, as the wind was too strong, and the rain was sideways.

Because of the weather, the street wasn't as busy with foot-traffic as it would be on a regular day. But it was still busy enough. Crowded enough for the man standing on the corner. Crowded enough, but could have been better for him.  He was wearing a light black T-Shirt and blue jeans. He stood alone, motionless. Staring slightly upwards, his eyes were face was unflinching to the cold. He stood facing the wind.

In this town, you could be pretty strange without anybody noticing. The only thing that was a set back for him was that he had muscles, so girls were staring. He couldn't stand there for too much longer. But he had to make sure that it worked. So he had to wait. Hopefully it would only be girls staring at his chest, and no one wondering why a man would be standing like that on such a day, for such a long time.

Already a couple of people had walked passed him one way, and then came back to see him there. But they chose to mind there own business. Which was good, for them. He grabbed his phone out of his pocket, and looked at the time.

Any second now.

There was a loud sound of an engine, but seemingly impossibly loud for a regular car, bus or semi. And it was coming from above. The wind seemed to get stronger with it. People were moving there head's and bodies to see what and where the noise was coming from.

Not him though, he kept facing exactly where it always had been. But with a smirk lifting up his face.

That's when people started running, jostling him, screaming, running. It was joy in his heart. First time he'd felt that in a while.

The helicopter seemed to crash in slow motion. Into the first and original Starbucks ever made.

Fucking Starbucks.

He dropped his phone and smashed it to the ground. And ran with the rest of them.