Monday, 18 March 2013

What to do on a warm night.

The heat became comfortably stagnant at night, after being blisteringly hot throughout the day, the night air became room temperature, the stars had just emerged and twinkled the world with a healthy glow . It was the kind of night that magic could happen on. And did.

That's what they were looking for, the two of them; magic. And that's what they were, the two of them; magic.

They stole their first and only car that night, it wasn't the first thing that they stole. Over the past couple months they had taken the time to gain access to their parents accounts. They were waiting for the right day to go to an ATM for a withdrawal. The perfect day was today. Friday. So no one would notice the accounts had been gouged until Monday. And they'd be gone by then.

Freedom is important when making a decision to leave with the one that you love. Making sure that you are no longer mentally tied down by the world that raised you. Allowing yourself the ability to forge a new world for yourself. A world in which you are the one in control of the parameters that decide what is important in life, and what is not.

They didn't steal a car from someone they knew. Too easy to track. And they only wanted to get one city away before they bought a car for themselves.

And they held hands while on the road all night. the warm wind blowing in through the car window's. Listening to music. Taking turns driving. They were never seen or heard from again by their family and friends. They simply disappeared.