Friday, 5 April 2013


David walked inside the church, because it was snowing outside, and he was freezing. He needed to be somewhere warm. He needed to warm up, for an hour or so, before heading back out in to the snow storm.

David wasn't religious, nor was he raised religious, so he didn't have the anger that some atheists have against God. He just didn't believe in God. It made no sense to him. It wasn't a matter of faith, he could believe in things that there was no proof of, however, he simply could not believe in God.

That didn't stop him from needing a warm place to stay.

David, had been wandering from town to town for the past two or three years. If he really thought about it, he would say that he left on May 3rd. The day after the love of his life died. That would mean the love of his life died on May 2nd. If you were to ask David the year, he would not be able to tell you, since it had been more than two or three years now, that he had stopped keeping track of years.

David wasn't disabled. He didn't have a learning disability. It's actually quite common for people to be very different from one another, without there being anything wrong with them. Despite the shock that it can cause.

Sometimes time can just put too much pressure on a person, so they stop keeping track of it.

David immediately felt uncomfortable in this church. It was nothing like the churches he had seen in picture books of churches. There was no gold, there was no stain glass. There were no windows at all actually. Just wood. It was small, but new. All the wood still smelt as if it had been freshly cut. There wasn't even a cross at the altar. However, there was an altar.

That's how David knew it was a church. He hoped it wasn't a crazy snake church. He hoped it wasn't a crazy church at all. It was hard to tell, because clearly they hadn't put up any of their decorations to tell you what kind of a church it was. They had installed the heating though, so David did respect their priorities, from what he could see, so far.

David said a big hello, hoping that it would echo throughout the building, but something about the design of the church actually muffled his voice, as opposed to expanding it. He thought it strange, thought for a moment and walked up to the altar, stood behind it facing the pews.

David said "Hello".

It was like thunder, it crashed and shook the building. The pews had bolts in them that came flying out like bullets, crashing through the walls, creating a shrapnel made of wooden splinters that sprayed in all directions in and out of the church. The bolts must have continued further past the church, because he heard screams and the crashing of windows.

All of this chaos was happening around him. But he was safe, untouched, standing at the altar. David was watching it all happen, unflinching.

David smiled.