Friday, 5 April 2013


His pride made him hard to be around. He felt as if the world owed him something, because he was special, and because he used his special talents as much as he could. And even though he kept on using his talents, the world didn't seem to give him what he felt he was owed.

That was because the world didn't owe him anything.

He would mostly be asked to do favors for people, and he would always do the favors because he was expecting his ship to come in. And if he assumed if he didn't do those favors, karma would make it so that his ship would never come in. So he did favors, but he always let people know what a big deal those favors were.

"You're welcome." He would say with his nose out clearly our of joint. Before, always before, someone had thanked him.

Naturally, when people hear that, they don't thank with the sincerity that he required.

"Uh, thanks?" Would be the response, a hint of confusion. As if to remind him that he didn't need to be there, if he didn't want to be.

It would leave him upset, and he would fret about it for weeks on end... It's easy to understand why he was such a hard guy to be around.

Ironically, the only reason people ever were around him, wasn't because of his talent, but because he would always do favors for them.

He wasn't very talented was the problem. But he was good for lifting a couch or T.V. He should have started a moving company, saved up a whole bunch of money and gone back to school. To become a teacher or something.

But he couldn't, because the world owed him something, something for all his hard work, favors and talent. Even if his talent was small.

The world didn't owe him anything though, the world didn't know he existed.

And it never would.