Friday, 19 April 2013

Non Fiction. Some thoughts and imaginings.

My favorite moments, have been the moments when I've been able to take a step back and feel as if I am floating through my life, outside looking in, and I can appreciate the love, dreams, hopes, and beauties that are comprised in it, allowing me to feel at peace. There is a sigh involved. My shoulders fall back and I am relaxed.

Maybe it was a song that made me feel this way. Maybe it was just a beautiful smell. Or boredom that shaped itself to bring me back to a charming memory.

In those moments I can laugh to myself and smile. Not even bothering to look around to see if anyone is looking. Just smiling and laughing.

I'm not the first person to write about this kind of moment, or feeling. I hope I am not the last. While somethings are redundant. I don't see how space battle after space battle. A group of rebel travelers trying to overthrow a king. Detailed descriptions of horrible living conditions in some places of the world. The struggles for love, peace and respect are more unique, and more worthy of our attention and writing than that of happiness and love. Tragedy is great. All life has tragedy. Most life has happiness. But the reminder that we all share, every now and then, the moments of appreciation and happiness, can never be redundant, if those other subjects aren't considered to be as well.

Back to the moment, perhaps you already know it. It's imagining yourself on a beach (Which in my personal experience has always been better than actually being on a beach) and hearing ocean waves, calming and breathing and feeling alive. Basking in wonderment, allowing each wave to overcome you, because despite knowing why they wave, that doesn't take away their power.

Sometimes, I can get a little silly with my imagination to get me to that place. I'll imagine giving and alien a hug. The spaceship comes down, and they say greetings, and I hug them, and give them all the love that I have in this world to offer. And the alien creature and I run skipping down a boardwalk.

Sometimes I'll imagine bunny rabbits dressed up like people, walking along a rainbow road. Trying to act like people, but it's hard. Because they are rabbits. They're having fun trying though. They aren't dressed up like real people. They're dressed up in nineteen twenties dress. Like The Great Gatsby.

 Always puts a smile on my face.