Friday, 19 April 2013

A Bad Situation (Prequel to Making Them Count)

I was scared, because it was scary, so it made sense.

He brought a gun! I don't know why, but he had a gun. This wasn't the kind of operation that would require a gun, was it? I didn't think so, but then again, I've never done anything illegal. Either had he I bet, I bet he just brought one because he's seen movies and television.

I've never seen a gun in real life before, either had Sharon, but she was playing cool. I guess I was playing cool too. It's important to play cool, when someone has brought a gun, and is playfully pointing it at your face and saying bang bang bang.

Fuck, I'm even laughing. Fucking Jacob. I'm so uncomfortable right now.

I guess we need a gun in case our deal goes bad. But I thought we were just going to pick up like a couple pounds of weed and then sell it. What could possibly go wrong right? I mean, yeah, like, a lot. But not like, gun worthy shit right?

It made me uneasy, like maybe Jacob didn't have his share. Like maybe he was planning something else.

I told him to put the gun away, jokingly...nicely. It worked. I said that we were going to be late picking up our stuff.

The three of us are roommates. We've only been living together for like, a couple of weeks. When Jacob can't come up with rent. Either can Sharon. I'm fine, I have a job, not a good job, but a job. I can pay rent. That's when Sharon said that she knew some guys who wanted to sell a fuck ton of weed, and we needed to just buy it, and then we would sell it, and everything would be fine.

Money is money after all. Of course I agreed.

So yeah, now we're in a car. Jacob's I guess. Never saw it before. I'm realizing like, half way there, that it's probably stolen. I really wish I knew this guy better, but Sharon says he's cool. So he must be cool right? I know Sharon pretty well.

I fucking thought I did.

We pull in to the back alley. We get out of the car. We wait.

We waited for what felt like an hour. It probably wasn't, I was just really stressed out. I couldn't get it out of my head that like, maybe I was making a huge mistake. I know that if anyone who knew me growing up could see me now, they wouldn't be overly impressed.

But I had never really been that impressive.

A car pulled up. Two guys came out. I had a brown paper bag that was supposed to have to money in it. I walked up to them, said hello. They didn't say anything back. I gave them the bag. They gave me a black duffel bag. I walked away, with my back turned.

Just head towards the car, that's all I was thinking.

But that's when I heard the shots.

I dropped to the ground. I peed myself.

Not surprising.

*Authors Note – One more perspective to wrap up this story, coming up soon*