Sunday, 28 April 2013

Take Care of This Tale

Take care of my tale for me. I shan't be able to tell it past this point. I am a lost man, and I am running out of the time to care for it.

I lived a full life, a life that can be summed up in a page is a full life to some, and it is a full life to me. I have no wisdom, for I am not wise. Wisdom was not a path that I searched for or took. I was frivolous in my activities, and as such, most of them are not worth recounting. I would not waste my time in remembering them, nor would I waste yours in forcing you to take what precious time you have, in listening.

When I was a young boy, I imagined quite a bit, I would play games of great imagination. My father was going to grow a garden and bought a giant pile of soil and put it in our front driveway. For weeks as the landscaping to prepare for the dirt to be laid out into a garden. The mound simply sat there. To a child of five years old. That pile was a mountain. It is with a fond memory that I share what we did with this pile of dirt. I had a plastic sword, and many a toy gun. All of which I buried in the pile. And a large group of us children would start at the other end of the street and run towards it and dig for our weapons, and then we would have a great battle.

The sword would be at the top. The sword was the most powerful weapon of them all. The child who had the sword was immune to all other weapons except for a knife that was buried in the pile as well. Inevitably, most times, the child with the sword would win. On occasion, however, the child with the knife, would perhaps have the skill to overcome the sword and strike down the child with the most powerful weapon. In that case, the child with the knife would have both weapons, and would become the ruler of that round of play. On a tiny mound of dirt, five year old children earned glory.

All my life I have spent each day, experiencing all that I could to experience. I have had many lovers, and spent many a night downing fine wines and ales from all over the world. I have learned languages and ate all types of meals designed by each and all culture of mankind. I have played all sport, board game, video game that was available to be played.

My whole life, I treated as if it was a game.

But now, I as tell this tale of my adventures, all I can think of is how amazing it would be to spend what remains of my measly savings on a pile of dirt.

Save, I don't think I have any friends to play with.