Saturday, 27 April 2013

With the Sun on Her Back

With the sun on her back. She made the decision. It wasn't a like a spark of lightning, it wasn't a moment that she would remember for the rest of her life. It was a soft, subtle decision, to make a decisive action. That would change her, and the rest of her life forever. In the future though, when people asked her what made her this way. She would look back, and be completely unable to remember.

There is a force, inside of every human being, that drives us, to be who we are, no matter what, despite ourselves. The decision that she made, with the sun on her back, facing out over the ocean, was to forever embrace that force. To never deny it.

She thought to herself. From now on, whenever I am confronted with doubt. I will ask myself, 'What would I do? And then I will act accordingly, and deal with whatever comes my way.

She went home. She saw her husband, gave him a kiss on the cheek and told him that she was leaving. It wasn't him, well, it was kind of him. But it was her fault, she had never loved him. She had lied. She was sorry. There was a lot wrong with him, and there was a lot wrong with her. It wasn't that. It was just that sometimes, you don't love somebody. It's okay.

She went to an ATM and took out all of her money from each account, of which there were many. Loaded them up in her backpack. Walked to the airport and bought a ticket to Europe.

No one from her old life ever saw her again. She was always okay with that. She would say.

No one from my old life knew me anyways.