Friday, 19 April 2013

Welcome to it Now. (Prequel to Making them Count, Sequel to A Bad Situation)

Kelly was down on the ground with the bag of our shit, ducking down like a pussy. What was he expecting Jacob to do? Not use the gun I bought him? We couldn't pay rent, did he think we could pay for the drugs? Come on man, think!

But he wasn't much of a thinker, he was just some skinny kid from suburbia that wanted to see the real world that he had been sheltered from.

Well, you're welcome to it now, you piece of shit.

Jacob was pretty scary though. I have to admit. Even I was freaking out at him. He looked like he really liked using that gun. Staring with that kind of creepy intense hatred.

He looked up at me after a minute though, because we were all, sort of frozen. Staring at the two guys, now just two bodies. He said:

“I've never done that before.”

So I kissed him. To make him feel better.

“It's got a real kick to it”

Fucking creepy.

Kelly was still on the ground, crying. He had no idea what was going on. We had to pick him up off the ground. He pissed himself. Pathetic. Then he just started screaming at Jacob.

You killed them, you killed them, you killed them...over and over. As if, we hadn't realized that he had killed them.

We got him in the car, and we went back home, mostly so that Kelly could shower off the piss smell. Maybe he could get back some dignity while in the shower too.

Jacob was cool a cucumber though, I hate to say, he was, he looked intense. Well, even more so, he always looked like an intense guy. Like he didn't want things to go badly, but he was always willing to act accordingly in any situation. No matter what. It was in his eyes. Steel, stark blue. I was staring at his face when he was killing those guys... it was the same look he had when he was laughing at something so hard that he lost control of himself.

In all honesty, I'm glad I peed before we left.

Jacob checked the news, but there wasn't going to be anything. Like, that only happens in shows. When they're creating a believable world, the real world doesn't care about two drug dealers getting shot.

Two hours later, we're all just sitting there. Jacob reloaded his gun and put it in his pants. We all had a bit of our new weed. I was giggling at the television, it's always so easy to tell they are actors faking it when you're high.

Kelly seemed to calm down a bit. A bit. But then he saw the flashing coming from the bag. A little red dot. He screamed at Jacob and me.

What the fuck is that?

As if we didn't all know.